Getting A FREE Phone Number Online, The College Kid Way

As students prepare to go back to college next month, they are looking for ways to stretch their funds as they go back to living away from family.  Older students likely already have strategies for living on their own, while still visiting with and staying close to their families.  If you are a freshman however, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the thought of studying, balancing your finances, making new friends, and still keeping in touch with friends and family from back home.  With Dollar Digits, college doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

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Enjoy the Privacy of an Anonymous Phone Number

Many college students are still on their parents’ phone plans.  This can be a great option, but you may only have a limited number of minutes or texts per month.  By downloading the free Dollar Digits app from the App Store or Google Play you can get a free number to use for calls and texts.  No information about calls and texts made from this number will appear on your family phone bill.  With your Dollar Digits number, you’ll easily be able to keep in touch with all your friends and family members, whether you want to talk, text, or send picture messages.  With Dollar Digits you’ll have self destruct messaging, so any messages you send or receive can remain private. [How-to]Free Phone Numbers With Dollar Digits

Save Your Money for the Dining Hall

Dollar Digits knows that college students have a limited amount of money.  That’s why not only is the app free to download, but the phone number is free as well.  You’ll then have a 3 day free number trial so you can see how Dollar Digits fits into your lifestyle.  Once your free trial expires you can then pick the plan that works best for you.  You can pay weekly, monthly, yearly, or you can pay as you go.  Read more about their second phone number app here.

Dollar Digits is a great way to have a number that can be disposed of if you no longer want or need it.  If giving your number to the guy in your biology class ended up being a mistake, you can easily cancel your number and get a new one.  Keep your Dollar Digits number for as long or short a time period as you want.

Dollar Digits lets you stay connected to friends, family, and acquaintances at a low price.  Just because you’re paying an arm and a leg for books, doesn’t mean you have to pay outrageous costs for a phone number.  Dollar Digits doesn’t make you buy an extra phone to have a second phone number.  There’s no shuffling SIM cards or dealing with cheap burner phones.  Just download an app and have access to a new phone number using your regular phone.

College is a time to go out on your own and make your own mistakes.  Paying too much for a phone number shouldn’t be one of those mistakes though.  Dollar Digits is easy and affordable to use.  A temporary phone number can be the perfect choice for a transitional time in your life.  Dollar Digits is there for you, through college and beyond.